Doc Miles San Francisco Photo Tours | Think Tank & MindShift Affiliation




I am pleased to announce that Doc Miles Photo Tours has an affiliation with Think Tank & MindShift bags and accessories.  Face it, we all have too many photo bags and back packs, Think Tank and MindShift have a line of bags that meet all your photo gear needs. Take advantage of the affiliate program Doc Miles Photo Tours has with Think Tank and MindShift and get the bags you need for all occasions.

When you order on line through the link provided, You will receive Free goods, free shipping and any deals they have to offer. I use Think Tank© and MndsShift© exclusively and have been very happy for years. My business partner Dough Whitney of our Loupe Brothers Photo Adventures workshop business had a broken handle on his roller bag that was over three years old and Think Tank replaced it at no cost. That's great customer service.


Here is the link to Think Tank & MindShift Affiliation Page to receive the benefits:

Think Tank Affiliation Program

MindShift Affiliation Program