Doc Miles San Francisco Photo Tours | San Francisco Tours with Doc Miles Photo Tours

SunriseSunrise Book a tour with professional photographer Doc Miles. Click to book. If you are a photographer, at any skill level, and would like to get the very best shots of San Francisco, this is the tour for you. Limited to no more than three people, Doc Miles takes you to the best places to get fantastic photographs of the bay area. Doc provides his expertise on exposure, composition and other techniques and tips to make sure your shots are keepers. We tour during the best available light. Sunrise & Sunset.

Rates: Two tours available daily: US$380.00 per person (Sunrise or Sunset) up to three people. Private one-on-one tour US$480.00. Couples who are photographers tour US$660.00 per couple.

What they are saying about Doc Miles Photography Tours:

"A huge thanks to Doc for letting me come along and to Martin for putting up with me for the morning. Both guys are great photographers so make sure you check out their sites. If you’re ever in the San Francisco area and you want a photo guide, make sure you give Doc a call. He rocks! Have a good one!"...Matt Kloskowski

"There was an organic flow to the day, and he got shots that I didn't even realize could have been taken." ...Erin M.

"I have been on several photo shoots with Doc Miles. He know the locations and the best times to get there. His knowledge of photography and post processing is sure to help any level of photographer. If you are looking to increase your skills or just looking for that secret location I would highly recommend to contact Doc Miles Photography Tours for a unique adventure."... Doug. W.
"I have been on several photo excursions with Doc and have recommended him to several people. Everyone has been excited about the results, whether shooting the San Francisco bay area in some of the best locations and times of day, or creating memorable photos shoots with friends"... Jennifer A.
"He is easy to work with, patient, kind, and an incredible photographer! I could not have been happier with his services." ....Jennifer B
"Wow, Fantastic, an experience that I'll never forget. I learned tons, you reminded me of things I used to do and know but had forgotten with my photography.".....Mike
"I toured San Francisco with Doc on several occasions. Doc really knows the best vantage points in the city and helped me take some great shots even when the weather was not cooperating! Thanks Doc."...Martin Smith /  Mr. Smith World Photography
"I really had a great time and I have been raving about it since I got back." ...Tim G.
""Getting geared up for the sunrise photography tour with Doc Miles...... If you own a DSLR camera.... Even if you don't know how to use all of the settings..... I would highly recommend taking this tour with doc.... He takes you to the cool places to get the shot.... And helps u get the right settings"...Brandi M. -KY
"Yours was the first Photography tour I had been on - and I am now a convert - We got to spots that weren't available to tourists without assistance - and in general had a lovely time doing that - so thank you." Annette J.- NZ
"Awesome evening, really, I loved every second of it. Thanks a million.  My photos look great albeit thru the viewfinder."  -John F. -NYC

Book Now - 415-244-5655 or email

  • Tripods and remote releases supplied at no extra charge.
  • Visa - Master card- American Express
  • Transportation - Land Rover LR4 -HSE

The Sunrise Tour 5:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Summer 4:45AM- (Locations depending on weather):

  • Marin Headlands - Golden Gate Bridge - Slacker Hill, Hawk Hill & Battery Spencer.
  • Ft. Baker - Golden Gate Bridge
  • Ft. Cronkite - Stacks
  • Pt. Bonita Lighthouse
  • Ft. Point-Golden Gate Bridge
  • Crissy Field Pier
  • Marshall Beach - Golden Gate Bridge
  • Land's End - Golden Gate bridge
  • Baker Beach
  • Palace of Fine Arts

The Sunset Tour 4:30PM -8:30PM -- Summer 6:00PM -(Locations depending on weather):

  • Marin Headlands - Golden Gate Bridge -Slacker Hill, Hawk Hill & Battery Spencer.
  • Ft. Baker - Golden Gate Bridge
  • Ft. Cronkite - Stacks
  • Ft. Point-Golden Gate Bridge
  • Crissy Field Pier
  • Marshall Beach - Golden Gate Bridge
  • Land's End - Golden Gate bridge
  • Baker Beach
  • Palace of Fine Arts - Lighted
  • Treasure Island - San Francisco Skyline & Bay Bridge
  • Painted Ladies
  • Telegraph Hill

Doc Miles Photography Tours

  • Are the tours private? 
    • No, but private tours can be arranged for $480.00 per session. There is a maximum of three members available for the tours. Usually most tours only include one or two photographers.
  • What does the tour include?
    • Tripods and remotes are available at no extra charge. Remotes are fit for Nikon only, but the timer on cameras are sufficient.
  • What clothing should I bring?
    • The weather can be chilly. Bring a jacket, a knit cap and , if possible, light gloves. We have jackets in Men’s medium for use if needed. Shoes are important. Hiking shoes are preferred or cross training shoes.
  • Is there hiking involved?
    • The tour may have some light hiking to locations. If you have any back or knee issues, please let us know and we will eliminate that part of the tour. 
  • How long are the tours?
    • The Sunrise tour starts an hour and one hour before dawn and lasts  4 hours. The Sunset Tour starts an hour before Sunset and lasts 4 hours.
  • What locations will we shoot?
    • The Golden Gate Bridge is the main focus with several iconic places in the city. They are listed on our website.
  • What skill level is required?
    • The only requirement is that you have a camera or phone camera and know the basics. We coach, if needed, to get the right settings. If your camera is new to you, we suggest tips on  or sign up for Kelby One
  • What if the weather is not suitable for photography on the day I am scheduled to shoot?
    • We can reschedule or cancel. No deposit or penalty is stipulated for the tours.
  • How do I pay? 
    • You pay at the end of the session(s). We take MC, Visa, AMX, Apple Pay or cash. Most international credit cards work fine. If you need cash, we can take you to an ATM for payment.
  • Are you shooting with the clients?
    • No. I generally do not shoot, but bring a camera if we need to take readings and see what setting are best.
  • Are there multiple day tours available?
    • Yes. With so many locations in the SanFrancisco  Bay Area that are spectacular for photography, we have many places to fill up additional days.
  • Do you pick up and drop off?
    • Yes, if you are in San Francisco proper. If you are in the East Bay or South Bay, we pick up at the nearest BART station.
  • Do I need to bring water and food?
    • No. We provide water and energy bars, but it is suggested you have a meal before the Sunset Tour, as restaurants close around our finishing time.
  • Can I bring a non-shooter as a “ride along”?
    • Yes, if space allows. There is no charge.