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It's Alive! It's Alive!

May 23, 2013  •  6 Comments

Good. Now that I have your attention, you may be wondering.. what?  Well, let's start with the back story first.

Back in January 2013 while sitting in the kitchen of celebrity Chef and Italian Food Guru Linda Calabrisi Hanks, we discussed the fact she was at a cross roads with her blog and web site. Chef Linda wanted to get her message out to more people and give them a cook book they could access using today's technology.  Both Linda and her husband Tommy (food photographer extraordinaire, celebrity bicyclist  and cramp therapist) are very tech savvy. The understood the power of digital publishing and it's reach.

As Chef prepared the evening dinner for several guests and maintained eye contact with me throughout the whole discussion, (how she does that is a mystery) we came up with the idea of an eBook, PDF for sale, and a Kindle version. I knew how to produce eBooks and offered to give it a try.

I went home to San Francisco and we agreed to collaborate with a view to knock this project out in a few weeks. Boy! Were we in for a surprise. 

In the last five months we have been working on this project, via email,screen sharing (Thanks to ScreenLeap  for their great screen sharing web package), and phone conferences. Creating a photo book is one thing, creating a cook book is a whole new experience.

I started the book in Adobe Lightroom 4 because they have a very good "Book" module that is linked to It was easy to use, and was pretty simple. When it came to type, and believe me, there was a lot, it was limited. By the time we got though 90% of the book, I realized we should have done it in Adobe InDesign. That said, we had to keep going And we did! 

There were so many set backs with images and type it wasn't funny. After four and one half months we were ready to publish when the file disappeared. I mean IT WAS GONE!  Now, I know how Francis Ford Coppola felt when the typhoon wiped out his set for "Apocalypse Now".

After five months and hours of editing, even the most minute detail, we are now live and ready to publish on Apple iBooks, Amazon and direct download.  The final beta copies are in the hands of select people and we expect a full Apple iBook release as early as next week.

As we pulled the trigger on publishing to iBooks today we were like expecting parents, (I have no idea what that is like, but I was excited). Mine downloaded first and I was already on page 113 when Linda was just seeing hers download. I was giddy with excitement at how great it turned out. 

When she got it, it was so sweet to hear her joy. Now the marketing and promotions can begin. I must say...being intimate with the entire book, I cannot wait to try the recipes and make my own crostini from this wonderful and creative chef. Linda can be found at .

I have visited the Hank's estate in Atlanta many times and have always marveled at Chef Linda's talent for authentic Italian cooking. 

On a personal note: Every so often we have a "Big Chill" at the Hank's estate in Atlanta. Tommy and Linda have been the "HUB" for all of us who went to Binghamton High School in New York. While we have all dispersed to the far corners of the country and earth, we somehow wind up at the Hank's place. Their hospitality and warmth is unsurpassed. Thank you Linda and Tommy for all your kindness and friendship. I know this book will be the beginning of a new world for such a wonderful chef and a great food photographer.


Barbara Bartlett(non-registered)
Doc, Linda & Hank ~ Congratulations on this book. I know that it is a labor of love for all of you and I can't wait to have my Kindle copy. My family and friends will be the lucky recipients of this beautiful book as well. All the best. BB
Nancy Wahl Santiago(non-registered)
I'm just so very happy for you Linda! This is a wonderful accomplishment. Kudos to you all.
Tommy Hanks(non-registered)
For all your time and effort on this project, Linda and I have agreed to bestow upon you the honor of The Hanks Knighthood. Henceforth ye shall be ... Sir Doc Miles Hanks
You are now a knight of the "Hanks Round Table" located in our kitchen.
We love you more than words can express my friend.

Linda Calabrisi Hanks(non-registered)
For Love of Crostini in its finished form would never have happened without Doc's "eye" and design skills. Laughing with Doc through the gazillion editing sessions will always be a cherished memory. DMP is the best! I am such an unabashed fan!!
Congratulations and Bravo to all of you.
The photos of Linda Italian Table dishes are one of the many things that make her recipes "novice cook friendly "
Knowing the parties involved, I can appreciate the talents , effort and creativity it took to get this jewel out for the world to enjoy.
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